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  • Pegeen Williams and Melissa Fecak are able to handle your litigation, mediation and collaborative cases with confidence.  You can be assured that your case will be handled with care.
  • Melissa Fecak and Pegeen Williams are dedicated to assisting their clients in dissolving their marriage without destroying their children.
  • Fecak & Williams, P.C. is a firm of compassionate and caring attorneys who strive to get their clients the best results.

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Right Attorney for You

Choosing the right family law attorney in South Jersey to help you in your divorce is hard work. But it's important and worth taking the time to do it right. Fecak & Williams, PC have over twenty years of experience helping their clients resolve difficult and emotional legal issues. We help you to understand your specific options and their related consequences at each step of the process. We then give you the advice you need to consider those options. Once you have elected a course of action, we work with you and on your behalf to assist you in meeting your goals.  Contact Us today.